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Working With Health Data

In my second semester at the TWC I am working more closely with Dominic Difranzo on a project to provide users with information about health information on a zip code basis. The app draws on multiple government semantic data sets to generate it’s output, and we are planning to expand it to include even more data sets. Data.gov just opened a new portal for health data sets, and over the coming days I will be combing through it and picking out interesting sets that would be useful to the health search app. We are also looking into ways to add information about source of the data found in the sets as well as ways to explain the meaning of the data to users of the search – some figures that may appear shocking could in fact be normal, and in other cases the data is completely meaningless without explanation. By adding in this additional information the health search app could made much more useful. I’m very excited to see how this app is evolving, and how it will hopefully turn out.

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